Sunday, 8 November 2015

Raffles comes to visit


This handsome boy is my grandson Raffles who came to visit us yesterday with his peeps. 

             He is six months old and is growing up to be a very fine schnauzer indeed.


       Here is Raffles whispering in my ear - he thinks there may be treats on the way :-)


                 Here we are on the sofa hoping that something tasty was on the way  :-)

Raffles' peeps had very kindly brought some yummy homemade treats for us dogs and some Parkin for Judith and Leigh. This is the most exciting box though BOL - you can see the yummy treats inside.


                                       And here they are - wonderful and tasty!


                              It was lovely to see Raffles again - he is really growing up. 
                                                Here he was a few months ago:


                                                                     And now :-)




  1. What a handsome boy :) Those treats look pawesome :) Milo & Jet

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