Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Walk at Fairburn Ings


This is a photo looking across the river from the RSPB wild bird reserve near where we live. I had a lovely walk there yesterday with Crybbe and Aoife and our peeps. It was very sunny and warm and lots of flowers are coming out now making it bright and cheerful :-)



                                             A little robin was singing in the trees.



When the peeps stopped for a cup of coffee, we dogs were able to have a rest in the shade under the table, although we did keep popping out in the hope of a titbit BOL



              As well as the little birds there were ducks and geese and even seagulls visiting.





We had a fun walk and came home very tired - I was glad to settle down for a rest all afternoon.




  1. That's ANOTHER great walk. We love to stalk and chase birds, but we suppose in a bird reserve, you're not allowed to...but looks like fun anyway.