Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tailwagger Club

I had a good evening on Monday at the Tailwagger Club - which is the club me and Alfie go to for our training classes. It is at the Dogs Trust centre near Leeds and I really enjoy going - my class has younger dogs like me and some of my friends there are Zak, Archie and Isaac. I am trying to learn to sit still for one whole minute - very difficult when everything is so exciting! I have to stay still for one minute as part of my Kennel Club Good Citizen award. Tonight I am off to ringcraft training where I can walk up and down - and have to stand still to be examined by the judge - in preparation for Sunday's show. All this standing and sitting still is not my thing but I do get a treat if I do it maybe I'll try. Here I am trying out a pose:

It's hard work being a show dog!

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