Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Garden Bugs and Tadpoles

I'm still not over this season thing but the weather's been good and I can go out and explore the garden every so often. There are so many little creatures visiting the flowers now - like the bees:

and a Gatekeeper butterfly:

and this red and black froghopper on the lavender:

I think he may be too early to hop over any frogs though because when I looked in the pond I could only see tadpoles!

and this one looks as if he's looking out for the frog hopper:

When I was little and the pond was very new Alfie Crybbe persuaded me to try and walk on water - well that was a mean thing to do but luckily Leigh was on hand to fish me out quick and give me lots of cuddles and sympathy. Affenpinschers have a wicked sense of humour. Here's Aoife looking sweet but thinking up another little scheme I'm sure:

Still counting the days for my season to finish...


  1. So not funny to be tricked like that. And I'm certain those tadpoles would turn mean if they got you in their space! Look at Aoife's face. Mischief written all over it!

  2. Hey Magic! What wonderful photo's, the butterly is just beautiful - we like to chase them but they always fly too high and Louis does Tigger jumps trying to get to them. That naughty Aoife, did no one tell him that we Schnauzers just don't do water, have a good week and Happy Solstice :-) Dex and Lou xxx

  3. At least you get let out every once in a while!! There's so much going on in the garden - you don't want to miss it!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.