Sunday, 19 June 2011

'Tis the Season..not so jolly!

Sad to say there are no great adventures this weekend as I've been told it is my season. I don't really know what that means but they tell me it's a girl thing - I don't feel very wonderful and I can't play with Alfie Crybbe even though he really really wants to. In fact, worse than that even, me and Alfie have to take turns being shut in the show crate. When Alfie's in I can run about and play but when I'm in it Alfie sits outside the crate and guards me so no other animals - dogs or cats - can come near. Last time I had to go in Aoife thought she would come and join me - I think she reckons it's a bit of a game!

Do we look like sad abandoned creatures - I'm doing my best to look as if nobody loves me - although they do give me titbits sometimes when I'm in here and extra cuddles when I'm out.
Anyway to make this more interesting I thought I could show you some pictures of the garden - the vegetables are coming up now and the flowers round the pond are blooming:

The potatoes are getting nearly ready to take up - they are growing in big black bags on the patio:

And down in the vegetable plot there are raspberries:

And peas and beans and carrots coming up in the raised bed:

The vegetable plot is the favourite place for Lace, one of our cats, to spend the day. I think she likes it because we dogs can't get in there and she can have the garden bench to lie on in the sun. Here she is guarding the onions:

The hens are enjoying themselves too in their run - they like digging everything up - as much as us dogs so they are locked out of the vegetable plot too. Here they are looking for seeds that have fallen from the bird feeder:

And here is a couple of the eggs they left for us in their nest box:

We dogs all get a morsel of scrambled egg and a bit of bacon after Judith & Leigh have had their breakfast and I can say the eggs are very tasty. Well I'm hoping this season thing doesn't last much longer and I can start having days out and about again..maybe next weekend.


  1. Aw poor Magic...! But your garden is most interesting to us apartment dwellers. Am (seriously) contemplating hydroponics....;)

  2. Hi Magic
    Nice to meet you, thanks for popping by and following me, I'm following you back so will pop in from time to time, to see what you are up to. Your veggies are coming on well, and love your pond, I have a pond to.
    I must tell you if your mom is going to have ago at the recipe, tell her the following
    Pick the flowers but leave them outside, they have a stinky smell and will have very small flys on them, don't ask how I know, but we had to open the kitchen windows, so make it up outside ;)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  3. Magic-
    Hope you get out of the cage soon. Looks like you are missing some good stuff happening out in the garden!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  4. Magic, we don't understand this season busines but it can't be much fun, hope it doesn't last too long. What a lovely garden you have, the raspberries look delicious, we eat a lot of blackberries in the summer on our walks, you'll have to let us know what those raspberries taste like! Dex & Lou x

  5. Ahhh, poor thing, Maggie. I Momo has to do the same some time but being a girl can be fun as well. :) We love the post of girls' day out!

    And... oh wow, your garden is like a fresh market!!! It must be so wonderful to eat veggies and eggs from your own garden.

    Momo & Pinot xoxo