Saturday, 20 October 2012

Magic's News Report about Pet Insurance

This is me in our garden enjoying some sunshine with Trilby and telling her about some news we have just heard. It's probably most interesting for families like ours with more than one dog or cat as it's to do with Pet Insurance. We hate to think about visits to the vet I know but sometimes we need to go and it can cost a lot of money when our peeps want to get us all the best treatment but it's very expensive.

Some of my bloggy friends may remember my brother Kaska who had spinal trauma and had to have lots of scans and X rays and physiotherapy and then got his wheels to help him walk. Judith & Leigh did everything they could to help him manage for as long as possible but some families might not have been able to do so much if they had not had insurance to help with the bills. There are lots of companies who can offer insurance but if you have many dogs and cats it can be very expensive just paying the insurance! Now here in the UK there is a company that is trying to help peeps who are looking for insurance for many pets to find the best deal they can.

 Even Crybbe is looking interested now :-)

This is the first time that peeps in the UK can compare insurance deals for up to 5 pets in one go and get a discount for insuring several pets at the same time on just one site. Instead of having to go to every company and check them out one by one peeps can go online to this website and check out the companies to find the best one for them. If your peeps are interested tell them to click on the link to take a look at this website for all the details:

Phew - hope I got all that report across OK. They tell me that things are hard here in the UK just now to do with peeps not having a lot of money and bills getting harder and harder to pay. I don't understand much about that but I do know that anything that might help pay the vet bills sounds like a good idea. I think I need a lie-down and a snooze now :-) Back soon with more adventures!


  1. That is an excellent report, and sounds like a good resource for folks who need to compare the deals. Thanks for sharing it with us this morning!

  2. Great name for a web site...BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

  3. I think Schnauzers are really cute :) Nice to meet u

  4. Excellent post Magic... It's not usual to have a Pet Insurance over here in Portugal, but nowadays our Pet is a member of the family, and I'm going to apply a especific Pet Insurance for my Schnauzer "Blanca", it works like a Health Insurance to humans. ;)

    Best wishes,

    André Moreiras
    Passos Caninos

  5. Thanks very much Magic, that's really helpful, I get very confused by what I'm looking for in insurance and it's very very expensive if you get it wrong. I'll be checking that out, thanks :)

  6. Thank you for sharing that with us Magic. We are fortunate that in our country the charge of medical services isn't as expensive as the one in your country.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. How great is that to have all the comparisons of pet insurance in one spot! That will make things so much easier for people in the U.K. I wish I would have had insurance for Freddie's hips. :(

  8. I have always considered getting pet insurance, but after hearing about how they only cover certain things, (at least what I have access to in the states), It made me rethink it. If I could get coverage for everything then that would be something I would really consider. I will check out that site for sure!

    yuki and rocket

  9. There have certainly been a few times I've wished I had insurance, but hasn't been something I've invested in yet! Sounds like a good program you describe.

  10. Very interesting - thanks for sharing this!