Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Aoife's Exciting News


This is my affenpinscher sister Aoife and she has some exciting news to share. After our holiday in Wales this summer she went to visit a fine affen boy called Gus and now she is expecting some puppies :-) Well she is very happy to think she may soon have some little pups of her own and I have been giving her lots of tips of course being an experienced mother. I have also told her she can use my special white box for her pups when the time comes.


Judith and Leigh have put it together again to make sure everything is right and made it sparkling clean and comfortable. And all the other necessaries are being prepared for the birth.


It has actually become very cold here just now. Overnight the leaves on the big silver birch in the garden turned golden yellow:


So I have kindly lent Aoife my maternity hoodie to wear when she goes out. It is soft and warm and very stretchy so just right for a dog with a growing waistline :-)


                        Here she is waiting to go out and looking so pleased with her hoodie!

Well I will keep you up to date on how things go with little Aoife - we are hoping her pups will be born around the beginning of December :-)



  1. Congratulations Aoife! This is wonderful and exciting news! I am thrilled to hear that after your holiday in Wales (my home) that Aofie found herself a boyfriend (Gus is a great name!) and now she is expecting some puppies, thats great! I'm sure that you (Magic) will have so many good tips and advice for her, you were such a good Mother and I'm looking forward to seeing the cute puppies when they are born, I bet that they will be really cute! Take it easy and keep nice and warm! Keep us all updated! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxx

  2. Congratulations Aoife, such exciting news.
    I can't wait to have a puppy fix and watch the beautiful puppies grow.
    You're sure to be a good help to Aoife through her pregnancy.
    Is it Aoife's first litter?
    I have to say hi to Frank too, Wales is our home too :-)

    1. Thank you! This will be Aoife's first litter. Affenpinschers are quite rare in the UK with often not many pups born in a litter - the average is only 2!

  3. Wow, that's such great news, how exciting. Can't wait to see how cute little Affen pups are going to be :)

  4. I am concerned that Aoife is not that impressed with her hoodie judging from her expression!! ;-) Still it is great news and even though the room with the white box looks a little like an ER - I'm sure it will all go well. Mum and I can't wait for all the puppy pictures and stuff.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  5. That maternity hoodie looks awesome. I didn't know they had those especially for pregnant little doggies ^_^.

    Glad to hear Leigh and Judith are prepared. I am sure you feel really secure.

    1. Well actually it's really just a little hoodie but as it is light and stretchy it was really good for Magic when she was pregnant and then fitted Aoife too in her time of need :-)