Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Schnauzer Gifts Galore


No this is not a picture of our family but one of the new Christmas cards that my peeps are selling in the Northern Schnauzer Club shop. On Saturday they left really early to set up their stall at the Northern Schnauzer Championship Show. It was going to be too busy for us to go so we stayed home to look after the house and Judith came back to see we were OK lunch time :-)


This lovely clock was one of the items they were selling and there were lots more too.


A tumbler in a tin - Leigh said the tin would be very good for dog treats which sounded a good idea to me :-)


This is the schnauzer club calendar - no photos of my pups this year but some lovely photos anyway.


                                                And a pretty key ring all the way from Sweden!


          This is the other pretty Christmas card design - we are so looking forward to Christmas!

Anyway after a long day at the show and a good snooze on our part Judith & Leigh came home very tired but with some tasty treats for us dogs yum yum - homemade dog biscuits :-)


So me and Aoife agreed it was not such a bad thing our peeps went to the show after all :-)




  1. We loved all those schnauzer stuffs …. mum would buy one of everything if she was there! Those biccies look yummers too!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  2. I love the keychain. I would buy it in a heartbeat for its novelty... and since I love schnauzers... it's a no brainer. Ohh, the schnauzer with the Christmas ball is cute too!

  3. We love all these cute Schnauzer stuff, especially the clock!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  4. Heehew, yup it certainly wasn't a bad thing they went! Mmm those treats look delicious, I bet they're all gone now! Everything looked so nice!
    Have a super weekend,
    Pippa :)