Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Allerthorpe Woods


On Sunday my peeps took me and Raven to Allerthorpe Woods to meet my daughter Gracie and grandson Wilson with their peeps for a walk in the autumn leaves.


                                     Here is Gracie checking out some good smells :-)


                                                       And Wilson on the move.


                                         Raven checking that everyone is keeping up :-)


After lunch we all went to this dog friendly pub in a nearby village - the peeps enjoyed a really tasty meal here.


                                             This is Gracie posing by the pub name stone.


                                         Gracie and Wilson enjoying a drink after the meal :-)

                       It was a lovely afternoon and we hope we can go back there another time.



  1. Looks gorgeous.....great weather and beautiful Autumn colours.

  2. A lovely family get together :)

  3. Sounds like a fun reunion. Did you get to share the peepz' food as well?