Sunday, 12 April 2015

A River Walk


This is the River Wharfe which runs by the town of Wetherby in Yorkshire. On Saturday our peeps took me and Crybbe to meet a friend for a country walk by the river and we had a good furtle along the way :-)




                                   There were craggy cliffs along one side of the path.


                                                     And bridges to walk under.


   It is still early Spring here so not many flowers to see but we found these little yellow ones:


After the walk it was back into the town for my peeps to have lunch and we found a good restaurant which allowed us to come in and rest under the table upstairs while lunch was served :-)



                                  I got so settled I was not so pleased to get moving again BOL


But the sun came out and I got a chance to pose with the flowers in the market place:




  1. THAT looks like a lovely walk!! Hope you got a bite of lunch...

    -Ruby and Otto

  2. That's a fantastic walk....great furtling, too! And you got to stop at a restaurant. We think you had a Fabulous day.