Thursday, 23 April 2015

My 5th Birthday


This was the birthday card that Leigh made for me yesterday when I celebrated my fifth birthday. I had a lovely day enjoying the sun and plenty of snoozes and then all my lovely presents too.


              Here I am showing off my new pearly necklace for special occasions BOL


                                             And my lovely sparkly tag for my collar :-)


                                              And best of all the munchies and toys!!
                     The fish skin cubes were the best ever and I did share them with the others too.

At the weekend I also had a special day out for a day of scent work with Judith and that was great fun. I had a go at learning how to seek out hidden cheesy titbits in a big hall with lots of boxes and baskets and other hiding places. The best sort of game ever!!




But it was quite tiring and I was ready for a good nap after all that searching and munching!




  1. You had us at fish skin cubes....we need to order some of those. We haven't had them in ages.

    You had a great celebration. Happy Birthday, Magic!