Sunday, 19 June 2016

Bramham Horse Trials


This is a photo of me (L) with Pip and Trilby at Bramham Horse Trials last weekend. It was a good day to start with and we had a fun time following the cross country course, meeting up with my son Smudge and my granddaughter Scout and their peeps....and then disaster....Leigh had been taking photos when she fell on the muddy slope and broke her wrist! Paramedics came and lots of other kind peeps helped her but she had to go to hospital and now she has her arm all bandaged and cannot use her right hand at all. Anyway before disaster struck she did get lots of photos so here are some pictures from the event :-)








                                    And some photos of Smudge and Scout too :-)


                              There were lots of stalls selling yummy treats as well :-)



So I may not be blogging for a bit until Leigh can use her right hand a bit better but I will check in to read bloggy friend posts when I can :-) 





  1. Oh dear, a photo accident. We hope she's better soon.

    We think you are very well behaved. SHE's not sure what we'd do if we saw horses running around!

  2. We love seeing your family get-together at varieties of events!! It must be really nice to meet horsey in real life. Love to do that!

    Momo & Pinot xo

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