Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Play and Groom Date at our house


On Monday the sun returned and just as well - we had visitors coming for a groom and a play at our house. My daughter Gracie and grandson Wilson came round for a grooming session and their affen "brother" Frankie who is Aoife's son ( Frida's brother ) came along as well. You can see Gracie and Wilson in the middle of the photo above with Crybbe on the left and Frida on the right. Trilby is there too beside the rose bush :-) 


This is Wilson having the matts taken out of his furnishings with Judith's new super duper grooming hoover BOL - it is quite noisy but Wilson did not seem to mind. 


                                        Here he is looking very smart and tidy 


                 Back in the garden - Raven has joined the little gang leading the way :-)


     This is Gracie after her grooming - can you see all the clipped off hair by the wigwam!


           Frankie the affenpinscher did not need much grooming - he is very handsome :-)


                                                           Wilson and Frankie 


Leigh made this special picture from a photo she took of Gracie and Wilson with their tails touching :-)


                             And this is Frankie enjoying a rest on the top of the crates :-)

It was lovely to see the relatives again and we hope to meet up with them again soon for a walk as well 



  1. Now that you got rid of all the mats, you need another windy walk on the beach...BOL! No, you look gorgeous!

  2. You all are looking so good after a good grooming day. We love that you had it outside so the fresh air will feel good on your freshly trimmed furs. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great day.
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