Monday, 27 June 2011

Paws in the Park

The season is over!! Now I can go out socialising again - so on Sunday we all set off to Nostell Priory which is a big National Trust property about 20 miles from our home:

There was a Paws in the Park event there raising money for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf - that's a charity that trains dogs to assist deaf people around the home and when they go out shopping and things like that

There was a little display for everyone to see how the dogs work at their tasks:

This dog was showing how to wake his owner up when the alarm goes off in the morning. Haha - we're a lot cleverer than that - we can wake our humans up even before the alarm goes off!
Anyway - Judith & Leigh bought some tombola tickets and they both won a soft toy dog - which was good news for us:

 The only trouble was - 2 toys and 4 dogs!  As you can see I didn't get a look in once Kaska and Aoife had claimed theirs! Kaska really liked the St Bernard dog toy and he lay down on the grass guarding it:

It was VERY HOT  and we had to keep having a rest in the shade of the trees with our bowl of water:

 And Judith & Leigh had ice creams to keep cool - we all had a taste of the ice cream too before we got in the car to come home - it was lovely and cold! A good first day out even if it was hot.


  1. What a coincidence - my latest post is about Wawa, my alarm clock dog!

  2. Thank goodness you were finally allowed out!!

    What a nice place to visit. I loved your new toys the humans won!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  3. Hi Guys! Glad you are finally out and about Magic, what a great day out to have - and toys too, it must have been your birthday or something surely? Great to ctach up with you and lovely to be back in Blog Land, Dex & Lou xxx