Thursday, 28 February 2013

Enter the Dogathon

Today I wanted to let you know about a fun app on Facebook that is being launched by Crufts, the Blue Cross charity and Samsung. For those peeps who haven't heard of the Blue Cross, this is a charity that helps give veterinary care to sick and injured pets of peeps who are too poor to pay the bills, they also help re-home abandoned animals and do lots of good educational work to train peeps how to look after their pets. They have 4 animal hospitals and 12 re-homing centres in the UK. You can find out more about them by clicking on the link here - Blue Cross.

Anyway the app is called Help-A-Dog-A-Thon and by taking part you can help to raise much needed funds for the Blue Cross. My peeps have already taken part and have adopted a virtual greyhound they have called Cassius. You can choose which virtual dog you want to adopt from the 4 dogs and then give your dog a name and begin to help that dog become fit and healthy by grooming him ( not sure about that one :-( ); taking him for walks and playing games (better) and feeding him  (better still!) There are good tips along the way to show peeps how these little things make us dogs happy and healthy members of the family. For every virtual dog adopted Samsung will donate the costs of a health check for a needy dog and they are trying to get 20,000 virtual adoptions to reach the target of 2,000 dogs helped by Sunday 10 March - the final day of Crufts.

Every homeless dog that is taken in by the Blue Cross gets a vet check to see if it needs treatment or medication. The vet will check it's coat, skin, heart, breathing - everything really -  like a full MOT before it goes to its new forever home. The money raised from this will really help these homeless dogs and it didn't take my peeps long to take part. If your family use Facebook ask them to check it out here and adopt a few virtual dogs today!

My peeps only knew Samsung made electronic goods but reading about the Dogathon they discovered that Samsung who are kindly donating this money have been a partner of Crufts since 1993.They have also been supporting animal welfare work across the world, including the only Guide Dogs for the Blind in Korea,  and they were presented with the Lesley Scott-Ordish Award from the UK charity Pro-Dogs for their services to dogs. You can read more about their work for dogs by clicking on this link: Companions for a Better Life.

As you can see this long blog post has really tired me out - no excuse for Trilby though:

Those pups are getting bigger inside me every day so I'm trying to get as much rest as I can :-)


  1. We love hearing about charities for dogs...always gives us a good feeling.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. What a great way to raise funds for a wonderful charity.
    Cassius the virtual greyhound won't need much grooming and one good walk a day and he'll sleep the rest of the day, greyhounds make fab pets:-)
    I don't do Facebook, but I do hope they get all the donations they need and more! I'll look out for their stall at Crufts :-)