Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Friends for Life

Hey Magic here again - I have been letting Trilby have a go at blogging too as I am feeling quite tired right now. As you probably know I am expecting pups very soon! I went to visit Trilby's Dad in January and we are hoping to have some more little ones in the middle of March. I will get Leigh to put up some photos so  you can see how things are going over the next few weeks but for today I wanted to tell you about a special event that is held at Crufts every year. It is called Friends for Life. As you probably know Crufts is a huge dog show but there is a lot more going on than just the showing.

You might remember how our Crybbe used to be a Pets As Therapy dog visiting people in care homes. Well Friends for Life is an event at Crufts where dogs who make a real difference to people's lives are honoured and they come to the Arena at the NEC on Best in Show day to see which has been chosen by public vote for the top award - a trophy and £1,500 for the charity of their choice. The other finalists each get £750. Of course there are many many wonderful dogs bringing joy to their families or helping out like Crybbe did for PAT. but the finalists for this competition are all very special and you can see their stories here: Friends for Life

As well as the wonderful assistance dogs there is Haatchi the Anatolian mountain dog who was severely injured after being cruelly tied to a railway line by heartless people but who now brings happiness to a disabled boy; Brin who was a hero helping soldiers in Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban but now lives safe in the UK (phew); Janus who is retiring after an active life crime-fighting with the police and helping catch criminals and sniff out stolen goods! They are all heart-warming tales and my peeps usually end up crying when it is shown on TV - every one of those dogs deserves an award I think :-) Do have a look at the video as well if you can see it on the link page. And click on any of the Crufts links in my post to go through to their website for full details of what's happening this year.


  1. Lovely to hear about those hero dogs, Magic. Best wishes for the birth of your puppies too! :)

  2. Hope you're feeling great, Magic! Our mom always crys at those hero dog stories as well!!


  3. Take it easy Magic and enjoy being an expectant Mum!

    My daughter and I met Karen and Ruby at Crufts last year, they were finalists in the Friends for Life, and we had a nice chat to Karen and made a big fuss of Ruby. My daughter had not long come out of hospital at the time so we could relate to how dogs can help you recover.

    The stories always make me cry too. All dogs are wonderful, but assistance dogs are extra special!

  4. You are going to have Pups?? Oh I can't wait!! Like everyone else I love puppies!!!
    You rest good Magic!!!! That will be so exciting!!!
    Dogs are the best --- Yes!!!!

  5. Crufts sounds so exciting. And new pups? Lots of exciting stuff happening in your neck of the woods.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Wow ! a new pups coming ! Its sound fun already!

    Have a nice day !

    Hugs all the way from cambodia

  7. I'd like to get my paws on those cruel "peeps"...... I'll show em railway line!!!! OOOOOOO!

    Congrats on your news of more pups! You know how we love puppy pics!! Can't wait!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  8. Howdy Magic, you're having puppies? How wonderful. We can't wait to meet them. It sounds like all those doggies deserve a medal or award. Take care little mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory