Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bramham Horse Trials 2014


Last weekend was the Bramham Horse Trials near where we live and on Saturday we schnauzer girls went along to check out the dressage and wander round all the stalls.


A lot of the stalls were selling things for the horsey peeps but we found this one for us canines :-)


Here we are checking out the stock before it began to get VERY hot. We have not had much sun for ages so we soon began to feel the heat and out came our cool coats to keep us going.


Well maybe they are not as cool as I might have liked in the fashion sense but they were just right for keeping us from getting overheated. The peeps had got them soaked in cold water before we left home just in case :-)


This is Zara Phillips on her horse High Kingdom - she is the daughter of Princess Anne who also used to compete in horse events for Great Britain. She did well at the dressage but at the end of the whole competition it was Aoife Clark for Ireland who took the top prize :-) You can guess which little affen was proud as punch about that!

Anyway we did also meet up with the Tailwagger Club peeps - that was where we used to go for training classes and they let me and Trilby have a go on the little agility course.


                                           Here I am going over one of the jumps.


                                           And Trilby needing a bit of persuasion.


                                            And then it was time for ice creams :-)


                        Just making sure that Judith doesn't move that hand too quickly :-)


                                            Pip looking cute in her over sized cool coat


,             All in all a pretty good day out - especially as the day after it poured with rain all day!


  1. What a great day out.
    I think you looked pretty cool in your coats!
    I'm sure the ice cream cornet went down a treat too :-)

  2. You lucked out with the weather, mate. Looks like a fabulous day out. AND we think you look cool in your cool jackets.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  3. LOL. This makes a great sequel for Baby's Day Out... We could call it Schnauzer's Day Out, starring Pip in an over-sized coat.

    I love the jumps. You guys look like tiny horses going through the obstacle courses. I bet you had a great day.