Sunday, 22 June 2014

National Microchipping Month


This month in the UK it is National Microchipping Month which is a campaign to try and get all the peeps who have dogs to make sure they are microchipped and, if they are already, to check their details are up to date. Sadly many peeps get their doggy family microchipped and then move house and forget to tell the microchip company which is no good if their dog goes missing after that :-(


We all have our little information chips with our details and my peeps make sure all the puppies leave here for their new homes with a microchip already for their owners so they know they have been done. From April 2016 it will be the law in the UK that all dogs must be microchipped and their details registered on a national database. Many dogs go missing from their homes every day and they may never find their way back to their family if they don't have a microchip with all their right details to let the rescue peeps or the vets know who they are. 


This is a map of the UK showing how many dogs are listed as missing in the different areas - over 16,000 altogether :-(

Watch this little video which shows how much we dogs love to be with our own peeps and how sad it can be if we are not around to welcome them home :


  1. We're all chipped including little Dui. AND we get them checked at our annual check up.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

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  3. All of ours are chipped, such a great idea to make it law!