Monday, 9 May 2011

Days Out

Just as I started talking about days out - it's started hailstones here - oh no! It was so sunny a moment ago. I was planning where I can go out and about with Aoife now she's had her jabs and needs to be 'socialised'. I remember last year when I was being 'socialised' - it meant meeting lots of different people and being taken to all sorts of fun places. I went to York and sat outside a cafe with Judith & Leigh while they had coffee and people came up and fussed over me. Then we went on a river boat trip - that was very exciting - we saw swans and ducks and met some people on a houseboat who had a schnauzer. He was a bit aloof being a sea-dog of sorts and I was still a little pup. And we went on long walks in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where they have huge sculptures :

We went to some of the RSPB reserves too as they let dogs go if they are well-behaved - and there were lots of ducks and geese as well as the birds we have coming to our garden. I'm looking forward to Aoife being 'socialised' and hope I can go and be 'socialised ' with her all over again - it's great fun!

Well, the hail has stopped now and the sun is out - there is a rainbow over our garage. I might be able to go back out and have a run round before the storm starts again.

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  1. What a lovely rainbow, it always smells lovely after the rain, lets all those smells in the ground out! We loved socialising as pupsters and went to puppy parties, there was a labrador there who tried to beat Dexter up every time but us Schanuzers may be little dogs but we're stubborn too aren't we ;-) Dex & Lou x