Friday, 27 May 2011

Tea at Monk Fryston Hall

Thank you to everyone who sent messages to me - I am feeling much better now. Judith had a day off work for the Queen's birthday - it was nice of the Queen to give her a day off - so we went out to have tea at a lovely old hotel in the next village to ours. The village is called Monk Fryston and the hotel has grounds you can walk round and lots of ducks and geese on the little lake and near the river. They are very welcoming to dogs there and I first went when I was a puppy.

This is one of the fountains there on the way down to the ducks.

These were the ducks near where we had tea.

This is another view of the fountain and the gardens. Leigh wanted me to pose by the fountain but I was too busy sniffing. There were so many new smells - I'm sure I smelled rabbits and squirrels! Anyway I was more interested in the tea. Judith had some beef sandwiches which was promising and eventually me and Aoife did get to sample the beef. Delicious!

This is me waiting patiently for a morsel.

Here is Aoife between the paws of one of the stone lions. We did have a good afternoon even if Aoife is looking a bit grumpy.

Here we are after our titbits looking a bit more cheerful. We might go back to Monk Fryston Hall again soon.

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  1. Hi there! Pleased to hear you are all feeling okay. What a great day out!! The photo's are great, love the one of Aoife sat in between the lions paws :-) Have a great bank holiday weekend, Dex & Lou x