Thursday, 26 May 2011

Visit to the Vet

Things haven't been too good here since Sunday - I got a bit sick and kept throwing up my food. I tried to run and hide when I felt sick but it just kept coming -ugh -everywhere and Leigh was washing and washing all the rugs and blankets and mats..I was still hungry but then I wasn't getting any dinner in case I was sick again. It was NOT good - food is my favourite thing really..even when I'm sick.
Anyway then I had to go to the vet and she was very friendly and kind to me at first but then she said I must have eaten something bad and she was going to have to give me a jab - or actually 2 jabs!! And I have to have tablets & powder ..and special food. Well - the special food is alright but I don't think I'm getting enough of it. The vet said 'little and often is good' but I think a bit more and often would be better. I'm not being sick now and I can play with Aoife again but I think it's about time I was getting back to my proper food now.

There is a place set for someone - I wish it was me.

Can you believe it - all the food has gone and I jumped all this way for nothing!


  1. Oooh Magic, you poor thing, nothing worse than a tummy upset, not when it interferes with our eating habits! Glad to hear you're feeling better, we just had leg of venison for tea, our humans are having omelette - SHE said that about sums us up ;-) Have a great weekend Magic and family x

  2. Sorry you got sick but glad that you are better now.